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Transplant Topics is an open forum where transplant professionals give presentations on a specific topic related to transplant. Pre and post transplant patients have the opportunity to see the presentation and ask questions of the speaker to be better informed. This is an excellent program for both pre and post transplant patients to gather information and be better informed.

Take a Look at Past Transplant Topics

Life After Transplant

February 10, 2022

Krystel Kyriakides, Regional Director

Transplant Services, Broward Health

Tools & Strategies for

Taking Control of your Health

April 24, 2022

Karen Axelrod, CPHQ

Sr. Business Analyst, Care Dx

Transplant Round Table

May 21, 2022

John Venezia, Executive Director

Florida Organ Transplant Association (FOTA)

Kidney Podcast Conversations

A New Podcast Focusing on the Intersection of

Kidney Transplantation and Health Equity

September 22, 2022

Brian Turner, Veloxis Pharmeceuticals, Inc

Rolf Taylor, Podcast Host and Producer

Role of Living Donor Transplantation in the Era of Donor Shortage

November 1, 2022

Dr. Antonio Pinna, Cleveland Clinic

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